Our Transformation

Transformation=Change. "Be the change you want to see in the World." Mahatma Ghandi


The Care Center Foundation, as temporary tenants of the Baptist Church of West Chester, continued to provide services to the community during our transformation. Renovation of the Our Futureoriginal footprint in an appropriate manner rather than a total demolition was pursued to preserve and respect the historic value of the building. Renovations included exterior and interior restorations, as well as new construction work associated with both exterior and interior modifications that greatly improved and increased the available space needed to serve additional children and provide services needed by the community.

Our TransformationOn September 30, 2013, after the completion of a One (1) million dollar renovation the Care Center for Christ Foundation returned home, to 127-129 South Matlack Street. A generous grant from the Chester County Department of Community Development was received to aid in the renovation project. The newly renovated Care Center serves as evidence of what true faith can accomplish.

On August 14, 2014 the Care Center Foundation proudly re-opened pg 2and dedicated it’s new playground. The ceremony was in recognition and in appreciation of the dedication of time and efforts put forth by members of St. Paul’s Baptist Church and the playground equipment generously donated to the Care Center. Dr. Wayne E. Croft, the Senior Pastor of St. Paul’s Baptist Church, along with other members of the congregation were present for the dedication.

In June of 2015 Mrs. Parsons retired as the Executive Director. Prior to her retirement a relationship with the Chester County Intermediate Unit – (C.C.I.U.) was initiated.

The community is thankful for the vision shared by Mrs. Parsons for the future of the Care Center Foundation.