Head Start & Pre-K Counts Programs

PreK Counts

The Care Center Foundation Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts Program. 


The Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts Program provides quality half-day and full-day pre-kindergarten to eligible 3 and 4 year old children in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts program:

  • is based on the quality components adopted for pre-kindergarten by the State Board of Education;
  • provides families in participating communities with a choice of quality pre-kindergarten
    options in a school, child care center, Head Start, or nursery school;
  • increases access to quality pre-kindergarten to children and families throughout the commonwealth with a priority in at-risk communities; and
  • builds on the work of the Pre-K Counts Public-Private Partnership for Educational Success, a three-year project funded by leading Pennsylvania foundations and supported by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


 Head Start is a comprehensive preschool program for low-income ages birth through age five. It provides children with a developmentally appropriate early childhood education. The program ensures that young children get health checkups and treatment, oral health screenings, and that they are fed a nutritious hot meal every day. Head Start is unique in its comprehensive approach to the needs of children and families, which adheres to federally designated standards. 

The Head Start Program is supported by federal funds through the Administration of Children, Youth and Families at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Do I Qualify?

Do I Qualify?

Families wishing to enroll in this program must meet income eligibility guidelines.

Each program offering PA Pre-K Counts classrooms will have its own guidelines, but PA Pre-K Counts is designed for children who:

Household size    100%    135%    150%   200%   300%   400%
1 $11,880 $16,038 $17,820 $23,760 $ 35,640 $  47,520
2 $16,020 $21,627 $24,030 $32,040 $ 48,060 $  64,080
3 $20,160 $27,216 $30,240 $40,320 $ 60,480 $  80,640
4 $24,300 $32,805 $36,450 $48,600 $  72,900 $  97,200
5 $28,440 $38,394 $42,660 $56,880 $  85,320 $113,760
6 $32,580 $43,983 $48,870 $65,160 $  97,740 $130,320
7 $36,730 $49,586 $55,095 $73,460 $110,190 $146,920
8 $40,890 $55,202 $61,335 $81,780 $122,670 $163,560
For each add’ person, add $4,060 $5,481 $6,090 $8,120 $12,180 $16,240
  • and
  • are between the age 3 and younger then the entry age for kindergarten; and
  • who are at risk of school failure, either because of language (English is not your first language), or special needs issues. If your child falls into these categories, you may be eligible to apply.

Note: Pre-K Counts is free to eligible families.  Providers may charge for non Pre-K Counts programming such as wraparound child care.

How do I enroll my child?

How do I enroll my child?


To enroll your child in the Head Start – Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts Programs you must complete and submit a Head Start application-available in English & Spanish. In addition, the Care Center Foundation’s Head Start Program participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and receives reimbursement to provide more nutritious meals for your child(ren). As such, federal CACFP regulations require all parents and guardians to complete a CACFP Annual Enrollment Form when enrolling their child(ren) and again every year thereafter.

For more information or if you have questions regarding how to enroll your child in the Early Head Start or Head Start- PA Pre-K Counts Programs please feel free to contact Ms. Liz Tucker Site Lead/Child Development Specialist via email at LizT@cciu.org or by telephone at (484) 401-2079.