Internet Café

Why an Internet cafe?

We have recognized that many in our community do not have access to computers and the internet.

For these people, it is a challenge to get every day tasks done, such as replying to emails, apply for jobs, or keep up with their kids’ school work.

Therefore, by creating this program, we want to give people the opportunity to do just this, and even more. 

Why is an improvement important for us to provide this service to our families?

With our current day and age, technology evolves faster than ever.

Our current computers are outdated and too slow to handle basic computer programs.

Booting the computers can take a while, and they are not powerful enough to run software like Microsoft Office.

Upgrading our computers will allow us to start this program, and be up to date on current technology to run a successful program. 

You can help us make this a reality!

We are currrently raising funds to create this program.

All donations go towards buying new computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, and headphones. You can help make this program available to our community.

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