We Empower Families in Need in Chester County

Aiding low income families in West Chester through education and social uplift programs

New Mural

A symbol of Hope, Positivity, & Love

Our new mural, located at the east wall of the Care Center Foundation’s building, was completed by Paul Santoleri in the fall of 2017. 

The Care Center Foundation focuses its outreach to uplift and support families in the West Chester Community, and this is exactly what our new mural symbolizes. 

We continue to recognize the diversity, the culture, the common struggles, and the belief that we are one world, one community, and one neighborly home.

Our Story

On a corner where drugs and violence was commonly encountered, families now find opportunities and hope

The Care Center Foundation promotes community partnerships by providing a presence and support in the West Chester Community it serves. The Care center empowers those who give and those who receive through educational and social activities.

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Get Involved

Volunteering with CCF is fun and easy!

All you have to do is fill out our volunteer application and upload your clearances.

We will then get back to you about our current volunteer opportunities and find the perfect fit for you

See What People Say About Us

Today I feel strong and not judged. The Care Center Foundation has been there for me and my son and never given up on us. They played a big part in me becoming a better mom, woman, and I learned how to trust by working with them.
Bianca Clinkscales

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