Mission Statement

The mission of the Care Center Foundation is to promote community partnerships by providing a ministry of presence and spiritual support in the West Chester PA community that it serves. The Center empowers those who give and those who receive through creative educational, recreational, and social service activities.

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Future Goals

For 35 years, we have focused on uplifting our neighbors and rising together through hardships, and wish to continue focusing on…

  • New and improved Internet Café
  • Hire an executive director
  • Launch parent mentoring program

Under the section that says that “As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, CCF was founded with the core beliefs and purposes that . . .

  • We provide hope that there is a better future for individuals in our community
  • Our services are offered directly by CCF and by partnering with other organizations that are equipped to provide acts of generosity 
  • We provide social activities for children and their families to allow them to experience the joy of childhood and love of family
  • CCF includes all families regardless of race, color, or
    religious beliefs.

In the community, With the community, and For the community

We are conveniently located in the town of West Chester which allows us to easily work with the community at a short distance.

We strive to be a vehicle for the families at our center by offering social uplift opportunities and programs designed to empower children.

At CCF we believe that communicating directly with the families is tremendously important in understanding their problems and how we can help. 

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