New Mural

Represents our kids, staff, and mission

Our new mural, located at the east wall of the Care Center Foundation’s building, was completed by Paul Santoleri in the fall of 2017.

At the Care Center, it was important for us to include several opinions and ideas to aid the completed vision of the mural. Therefore, we had Santoleri meet with the children at our school, staff, and board members to give everyone a voice.

This gave him direction on his final design, and it allowed our new mural to become a symbol of our work and mission.

Symbolism & Importance to CCF

The Care Center Foundation focuses its outreach to uplift and support families in the West Chester Community.

Mother bird & worm – symbolizes the maternal role in a family, specifically nurturing and nutrition

The nest & baby birds – symbolizes the vulnerability of children, and that home is wherever home is for you

The butterfly – symbolizes the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly, while focusing on hope and bringing out the best in people after worse times

The colors – Meant to bring our world to life, and give the viewer a sense of hope & love

One world, One Community, One neighborly home

Our new mural is a gift to our neighbors, to the community in which the Care Center Foundation resides.

We continue to recognize the diversity, the culture, the common struggles, and the belief that we are one world, one community, and one neighborly home.

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